Een persoonlijk bericht van Patrycja

I have been working at L² Maatvoering for few months, I have recently signed a permanent contract. 🥳
A trip to a foreign country, fresh out of study, was quite a challenge. Especially considering that I hadn’t heard Dutch before (except the song about the scooter 😅). I started working in a warehouse, but all I wanted to do was work in my profession. After many months of searching, there was someone who gave me a chance. Those were the guys from L² Maatvoering ! I couldn’t dream of a better job, bosses and colleagues. Every day they teach me a lot of new things and give me many possibilities, such as scanning and 3D modeling, which I wanted to deal with. I wish everyone such partnership treatment at work and the atmosphere that prevails here. Thank you very much for the trust and opportunities that you give me, despite my broken Dutch language 😜